Hi all,  sorry that I’ve been a bit absent here lately.   One of my roles is speaker chair for the JFK Lancer conference in November and I’ve been talking to lots of authors and researchers.   And as I may have mentioned before, I’m also deeply into a revisit of the RFK assassination and being in full research mode again takes a lot of my time.

In any event, I’m taking a break from the previous post threads to pass on some information about the 2012 conference and would be happy to tackle any questions you might have on it.


The following is an early list of speakers for the annual JFK Lancer, “November in Dallas” conference – to be held November 16-18, 2012.

We are especially pleased that November 22, 1963 Plaza witness Dr. Toni Glover will be joining us to relate her own experience and offer commentary on witness issues.

A number of authors will be speaking on material from the newest issues of their published works. That list includes Jim DeEugenio with a new relese of Destiny Betrayed, Peter Janney on his new book Mary’s Mosaic, Barry Krusch on Impossible:  The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald and Barry Earnest on The Girl on the Stairs.

The speakers list will also include Jim Marrs, Joan Mellen, Russ Baker, Joe Backes, Larry Hancock and Stuart Wexler.

And we will have new research and studies from Bill Simpich, Sherry Feister, Jerry Dealey, Brian Edwards, Casey Quinlan and Lee Farley.

The list will likely expand by conference time but already its an exciting one and  a great opportunity to prepare for the attention which will come next year with the fiftieth anniversary of the tragedy in Dallas.

….and as I had hoped, we have a new addition,  Ed Tatro will also be joining us to speak this year.


About Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. Co-author with Connie Kritzberg of November Patriots and author of the 2003 research analysis publication titled also Someone Would Have Talked. In addition, Hancock has published several document collections addressing the 112th Army Intelligence Group, John Martino, and Richard Case Nagell. In 2000, Hancock received the prestigious Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. In 2001, he was also awarded the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award for his contributions of documents released under the JFK Act.

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  1. Chris Bennett says:

    Looks like a great speaker lineup so far. Glad to have you back on the blog, Larry!

    • Hi Chris, and thanks – I’ve just added an update that Ed Tatro will also be joining us this year. Of course Ed is a very long time researcher and has worked Texas connections and the LBJ area for ages. But he also has some fascinating first hand experience from personally traveling to New Orleans during the Garrison years and talking with several participants in the Shaw trial including not only Garrison but the trial Judge and briefly with Clay Shaw himself.

      I’d like to blog more but I’ve probably spread myself way to thin. Our MLK conspiracy book has only been in print for three months now and the decision jump back into the RFK case with both feet may not be the smartest thing I’ve ever done – however for those who follow that I can tell you wholeheartedly that Sandra Serrano was dead honest and a real heroine; not something I would say for some of the SUS officers. And I’ve decided I just can’t in good conscious let that lie.

      But it turns out being obsessive really takes a lot of time…grin, Larry

  2. Chris Bennett says:

    Larry, I’m really interested to see what comes out of your RFK research. I’ve been doing some reading myself lately and it’s an amazing story. The LAPD interrogation/intimidation of Sandra Serrano was frankly disgusting. I couldn’t believe it until I read the transcripts myself.

    But it’s amazing that Polka Dot Dress girl never appeared in a photo or film anywhere. You’d think someone like that would stand out:) Do you think it’s possible the dress was a “trigger” for Sirhan? That was something I read recently and was mulling over.

    Best, Chris

    • Chris, most all of Hernandez polygraph work was highly questionable – he was using the procedure and machine as an interrogation tool rather than in the objective, factual verification manner that is intended – long story on that but he really blew it when he certified Serrano’s “confession” that she had made up the story after being with DiPerro as the truth – why, because he certified a false statement as true, reflected in the fact that she clearly had told her story to an assistant LA DA before even being taken to the police. Based on that, literally all of Hernandez work should have been thrown out of court. And the DA’s letters to the police were in her file, easily available and Hernandez should have seen them. I also have Pena’s book on Practical Criminology – which does discuss use of the polygraph but sets guidelines that were clearly not in use by SUS.

      Actually several women in polka dot dresses appear in embassy ballroom footage, which is where the media cameras were, but the true PDG was in other places.

      As to a trigger, I doubt it since if you really study the thing you find the girl herself with Sirhan or a look-alike at several other places including Robbie’s restaurant. And at the Ambassador on Sunday before. Seems to me that the girl might be key but the dress is a variable.

      In any event, I’ve studied this at some length before but now back in it following a couple of different trails, both of them highly challenging. At this stage its all pure slogging, just hoping more of the dots begin to connect. Which of course is a pain but its hardly
      the first time, I should be used to it by now…grin.

      — Larry

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