For those interested, I’ll be chatting with my friend Jeff Bushman on his nighttime internet talk radio show on the evenings of March 13 and March 27.  The show airs at 9 pm Eastern and I’ll be going on at the half hour mark. It’s been awhile since we talked; both NEXUS and The Awful Grace of God have been published since then so I expect that our conversation will cover the gamut – I also imagine it will take to the second show to get into my new study of American covert warfare but you never know.  Jeff is a great host and very knowledgeable; I always enjoy our conversations.

You can listen into Jeff’s show by selected it from the offerings at Going Beyond Radio:






About Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. Co-author with Connie Kritzberg of November Patriots and author of the 2003 research analysis publication titled also Someone Would Have Talked. In addition, Hancock has published several document collections addressing the 112th Army Intelligence Group, John Martino, and Richard Case Nagell. In 2000, Hancock received the prestigious Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. In 2001, he was also awarded the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award for his contributions of documents released under the JFK Act.

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