As discussed in the preceding post,  there were a number of potential threats to President Kennedy in 1963,  and a number of people/groups either seriously talking about doing him harm or shooting off their mouths about doing so.   The “noise” was significant and that is one of the greatest challenges in connecting a particular series of dots all the way to Dallas.  Its like one of the old style “connect the dots” games without the dots being numbered or otherwise keyed.  You can draw whatever picture suits you.

When we get to September, 1963,  we also begin dealing with what appears to be official suppression of data.  For example, in 1995, as the Assassinations Records Review Board began its work, the Secret Service destroyed three folders of Protective Services Reports on the President’s fall 1963 planned and aborted trip to Chicago. Reports were also destroyed on his travel to New York City and a variety of his other fall travels.  Given that the files were all from 1963, its really a bit hard to accept the 1995 destruction as a routine cleaning action.

The last minute November 1, Chicago trip cancellation seems particularly important considering how much obfuscation the ARRB encountered in obtaining information on it.   Something about that trip was still making a number of people, including the office secretary, tense as late as the mid 1990’s.  And according to Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden it was because a warning had come from the FBI that individuals being monitored by the Bureau, and considered a potential threat to the President, were traveling to Chicago at the time of JFK’s visit.  The details of Bolden’s remarks are covered in SWHT and elsewhere but one of the two men ultimately  taken into temporary custody and interrogated as part of the incident was using the name Gonzalez.

It so happens that we do have a variety of independent information confirming that Cuban exiles from Miami had been traveling to New Orleans in the summer of 1963, specifically one set of them was bringing in explosives from the Midwest to use in a planned attack on Cuba. That particular effort was being organized and financed by a former Havana casino figure, Mike McClaney.  Explosives had been stored in a trailer on McClaney’s brother’s property, the FBI had received a tip out of Miami, investigated and made arrests.  Indeed the FBI were monitoring McClaney associated Cuban exiles in both Miami and New Orleans at that point in time – for subversive activities. What makes that name much more interesting is a report out of Miami as of November 1, 1963.

On that date, a young Cuban man, recently arrived in Miami from Havana, was attempting to “chat up” a female employee at the Parrot Jungle.  In that conversation he began to brag about his own skills as a marksman, stating he was as good as a friend of his named Lee.  Lee was an American Marxist who spoke Russian and was a crack shot.  He was currently in either Mexico or Texas, the young Cuban wasn’t sure at that point in time.  The incident was confirmed to the FBI by other employees at the Parrot Jungle.

This becomes very interesting since Lee Oswald had indeed recently been in Mexico and had more recently arrived back in Texas.  its unlikely that many American Marxists named Lee fit that travel pattern.  The question is how would that young Cuban, only recently arrived in the US, know details about Lee Oswald including his recent travels.  That question becomes easier to answer when its known that that the young man had worked for Mike McClaney in Havana, that McClaney had helped him leave Cuba and gotten  him a job at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami – and that the exiled Cuban was actually living on McClaney’s estate in Miami Beach.

My personal view is that this demonstrates a “signal” emerging from all the noise.  Cuban exiles engaged in anti-Castro activities in New Orleans became aware of Lee Oswald in the “Marxist” / Castro supporting persona he had presented in his public visibility in New Orleans. That information was carried back to Miami.  In fact the information was circulating among a set of individuals that the FBI was monitoring for subversive activities – attacks against Cuba in direct violation of the new Kennedy Administration policies.

It is also possible to trace that signal to Dallas, where it emerged dramatically albeit briefly, from within the FBI.   That information was truly explosive, and obviously had to be suppressed in the fact of the Oswald story that became official within 48 hours of the assassination.  According to remarks made by FBI agent Hosty to a Secret Service agent on the day after the assassination, the FBI had been monitoring Oswald in Dallas, in contact with “subversives”, some two weeks before the assassination, on or about November 8.  Secret Service Agent Patterson provided a written report on the remarks by Hosty, stating that prior to the assassination the FBI had held the Oswald contacts to itself as it was a classified security matter – Hosty was certain his superiors would soon be sharing it with the Secret Service.  As we know, that never happened and Hosty refused further comment about it.   Actually I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Hosty and found him very cordial and outspoken,  the only time he ever refrained from comment was when I passed a copy of the Patterson document his way.  In subsequent conversations he didn’t comment and I didn’t push it.

For reference, other interesting remarks by Hosty, during his appearance on a JFK Lancer conference panel are available on CD

DVD at       The panel included James Hosty, Dick Russell, Debra Conway  Hosty had many interesting things to say about things regarding Lee Oswald in Mexico City, related to him by his FBI friends there, that never made it into the official record.  Based on those remarks plus what is in his book, its quite clear that James Hosty was telling us that the FBI both suppressed and altered information.

Its sort of striking to me that in all the current media dialog, mention is being made of the FBI’s destruction of an Oswald note left with the FBI office but nobody seems to bring up the far more explosive issue of these remarks to SS Agent Patterson.

Now the interesting thing about all this is that it gives us a chain in which Cuban exiles engaged in anti-Castro activities become specifically aware of “Marxist” Lee Oswald and that very likely Oswald was in contact with some of these same people in Dallas, only weeks before the assassination.   Beyond that, it appears that as of Nov. 1 word was circulating in Miami on Oswald and even on his recent travels.  As we continue I’ll bring up remarks from two completely independent sources which corroborate that scenario.  Individually they can each be challenged, however combining them with each other and with the information presented above – not generally known at the time of the remarks – the connections seem to me to solidify a good deal.


About Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. Co-author with Connie Kritzberg of November Patriots and author of the 2003 research analysis publication titled also Someone Would Have Talked. In addition, Hancock has published several document collections addressing the 112th Army Intelligence Group, John Martino, and Richard Case Nagell. In 2000, Hancock received the prestigious Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. In 2001, he was also awarded the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award for his contributions of documents released under the JFK Act.

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  1. DConway says:


    Could you put a link to the Hosty DVD at

    James Hosty, Dick Russell, Debra Conway panel


    • You bet, will do. For reference, I spoke briefly to Hosty at that appearance, passed the Patterson document as he was leaving and later had several email exchanges asking a series of questions. In addition to the SS report I was very intrigued by the information he described from his friends in Mexico City, maintaining that Oswald was under FBI surveillance while there and was observed at various locations. That would have made great sense given that one of the CIA’s and FBI’s missions there wast to monitor any American contacting the Cubans – they had busted one American offering secrets just that summer. One hole in our whole picture is that the FBI seems to have totally missed responding to Oswald’s presence in MC at the time of his visit. Of course according to Hosty they didn’t. He was adamant about that fact and I have no reason to disbelieve him he related what he had been told.

      In any event, Hosty responded to all my questions except in the area of Patterson and at the time I anticipated there would be more exchanges to pursue it…unfortunately not too much later he became quite ill.

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