It just so happens I’ll be giving a presentation to the DPUK research conference in Canterbury England this weekend. I’ll be calling in this time although I did it once in person and it was fantastic!  So for a moment I’ll go a bit retro and return to the subject of the CIA during the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administration.  However, for those following Shadow Warfare, I just did an hour long interview with Len Osanic for Black Op Radio and you will find it archived at the link below:

In considering the context of the Kennedy assassination its critical to have an in depth understanding of the CIA during that period, on who worked in what part of the Agency and in particular what type of projects they worked on.  As an example, I recently saw a post describing Howard Hunt as a paramilitary officer….that is truly off the mark.  It is true he worked within the Plans Directorate and most specifically inside the P-P group, which included political action, propaganda and paramilitary.  Hunt’s specialty was political action, essentially courting and sustaining Agency surrogate groups – for short think “carrying the money”.  Comparing him to true paramilitary officers such as Rip Robertson would be a real stretch, even comparing him to paramilitary trainer, counter intelligence officer and operations specialist David Morales would be just flat wrong.

In talking of Angleton and Harvey, its important to understand that they shared some of the same jobs at different points -including counter intelligence – and both were some of the few officers fully aware of the Agencies’ technical services tools-  MKNAIOMI –  such as truth serums and various drugs and poisons. Both men were also very much connected to the Office of Security which in turn had its own connections to professional criminals such as smugglers, safe crackers and strong arm types.  Those are the kind of guys you need if you are breaking into embassies, kidnapping couriers and blackmailing the other side for code books and related cryptographic devices.

Most folks don’t know that after the Bay of Pigs, Angleton was designated to start a new CI project against Cuba – based on the huge failures of CI within Bissell’s project.  In that assignment he worked with David Morales and the AMOTS’s who Morales had trained to be the new Cuban intel service – assuming success in the landing. Afterwards they simply became an arm of JMWAVE and provided info including local surveillance activities.  Moraeles and the AMOTS were also involved in Mexico City where Angleton was making a major bid to establish a CI effort independent of the Chief of Station there.

Its also important to realize that both men were also involved in Cuban projects in a variety of ways. For example during the phase 2/Mongoose effort, Angleton actually worked with Harvey in restarting the Castro assassination project, first attempting to shop it to British intelligence and then going back to Roselli, first with poison then with rifles. In fact Angleton provided certain of his own non- US intelligence contacts inside Cuba to backstop Harvey’s Mongoose activities.

Circa 1963, Angleton and Harvey were at Headquarters together and despite what  you may have read elsewhere, the two men remained close (in the CIA “close” may mean friendly or it may simply mean mutual CYA).  After his retirement, Harvey remained personally close to a very limited number of former CIA associates, one was James Angleton, the other John Roselli.  Indeed Angleton corresponded with Harvey up to his death, and later with his widow.  His letters note the fact that the two men had things in common which never could be communicated.  It just so happened that Harvey had taken some of his CIA files with him after retirement, including one note that talks about consulting with Angleton about ZR Rifle.  Fortunately we do have many of those documents – even thought someone tried to burgle Harvey’s home twice after his death.

There is no doubt that James Angleton worked with and had William Harvey’s back….we can only wonder what it was they had in common that must never be discussed.




About Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock is a leading historian-researcher in the JFK assassination. Co-author with Connie Kritzberg of November Patriots and author of the 2003 research analysis publication titled also Someone Would Have Talked. In addition, Hancock has published several document collections addressing the 112th Army Intelligence Group, John Martino, and Richard Case Nagell. In 2000, Hancock received the prestigious Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award for the contribution of new evidence in the Kennedy assassination case. In 2001, he was also awarded the Mary Ferrell Legacy Award for his contributions of documents released under the JFK Act.

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  1. Jim Stubbs says:

    What a book that would have made – Angleton and Harvey: “How We Did It”. Open the book, blank pages. I don’t think either one would have rolled over on anything for any inquiry, no matter who conducted it. For all that Harvey is disparaged, I think he’d have been a fascinating person to talk to. I don’t have an impression of him as a dumb brute. He is the one who sussed out the arch rat, Kim Philby. BTW, have you figured out what AMOT means? Curious.

    • I definitely agree Jim, neither would have rolled over and both where what Angleton himself described as the core “cadre” of the old boys in the CIA. Both viewed the Agency as America’s first line of defense and very likely put that perceived duty above literally anything else. Interestingly Harvey seems not to have trusted Helms to much, covering himself by keeping his ZRIFLE briefing notes and a few related jottings. Both felt that the Agency leadership was “traitorous” in remarks to the Church committee. Both very bright men, no doubt of that but both fanatic in their own ways. As to AMOT, the prefix AM stands for operational activities related to Cuba. Morales trained three groups, AMOTS who were to be the field intelligence teams replacing the Cuban DGI, AMCHEER’s who appear to have been prepared to be the thought police charged with eliminating Castroism and Communism under a new government and a third group apparently trained to form the new civil government prior to elections. As to the individual names, probably just routine group crypts as far as I can tell. In checking the post BOP internal review of Morales work – which gave him glowing marks – its interesting to find him listed with the title of Counter Intelligence. There is an unmistakable functional tie between Angleton and Morales circa 1962 that is generally missed.

  2. Joe Smith says:

    Harvey and angleton comitted treason in their role in the coup d’tat of JFK. But Angleton was working with the Mossadd and Jewish fingerprints are all over the JFK coup d’etat. Does Harvey have ties to the Mossad? Do the famikues of all the people murdered to cover-up the coup d’etat have a right to a class action lawsuit against the US and Israeli governments?

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