Although it may not look like it from my lack of blog posts I am following the JFK document release as I prepare for the JFK Lancer conference in Dallas which begins this Friday – and as I continue to work on the new books which will be released next year (Killing King with Stu Wexler and Creating Chaos).

Contrary to popular impressions (and in contrast to many media articles which are surfacing things we have known for years and in some instances decades) some useful new information is showing up in the file releases – primarily from the CIA but also in the form of internal documents from early investigations and the work of the Assassinations Records Review Board. As has happened before, such documents can be vitally important in exposing areas in which even official committees were unsure of or questioned aspects of the lone nut story-line – but determined not to express such concerns in their official statements. They can also illustrate some rather egregious lack of objectivity and some questionable personal attitudes towards the subject – but that’s for another time.

We will be going into the new releases and all that in Dallas – if you are in the area remember you can walk into the Lancer conference at the Adolphus and simply register or a day or evening in the event you cannot attend the entire conference.

At the moment though, for those who are truly interesting in some details of the records release itself, I would seriously suggest that you review this very recent update from Rex Bradford at the Mary Ferrell Foundation. Its the most accurate picture of what we are getting – and not getting – that I am aware of as of this date:






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