It appears that I might be closing in on being able to routinely do some blogging once again. As mentioned earlier, I’ve been in the final sprint on two book projects for 2018.  Stu Wexler and I are finishing up the proof edits of a sequel to our MLK assassination research, titled Killing King.  It will be out next spring and fortunately Stu’s field research has allowed us to further flesh out a good number of the connections from James Earl Ray to the people that came up with the $100,000 dollar bounty he was pursuing. That includes more information on how connections were made to Ray – including an important new contact made prior to his prison escape, someone who ended up in LA for a time as did Ray – as well as a more definitive timeline for how Ray’s actual participation evolved.

Separately, I just sent off the draft of Creating Chaos to the publisher who is doing that book, in terms of scope and content (and size) I can safely say it will be a companion to Shadow Warfare – but in this case dealing with both American and Russian political warfare into the 21st Century. The research for Creating Chaos has been a real eye opener and I will be posting a bit of that here, especially in regard to contemporary Russian goals and activities.

In regard to the JFK assassination, I’m still doing a good deal of thinking and outreach on what is being done in regard to  professional studies of the medical evidence for conspiracy. Of course some aspects of that have been around for some time, including the utter nonsense related to the official story of CE399, but I’d like to see something much more focused and something including objective medical appraisals based on current knowledge from medical professionals, as compared to the official assessments in the Warren Commission report.

The truth is that much of the original autopsy report is highly questionable – of course since we now know there were three of those and two were destroyed perhaps the first one or even the second one was more credible than what ended up in the record. If you are new to this story I would encourage you to specifically read the ARRB interview with the autopsy doctor in which the doctor himself cannot locate the entry or exit wounds on the extant photographic and X-ray records. If that does not make  you cringe nothing will..Doug Horne covers that incident extremely well in one of his volumes.

Along those lines, take a look at the following link to see how a major item of the physical evidence offered in support of the Warren Report is no longer even acceptable in court.

Lots of subjects, lots of work to do…oh and if anyone has read Unidentified, drop me a note. I’d love to chat about it and I’ll be doing another interview on that book later this month. Three of them are already posted on my Web site at if you have not checked out my most recent work dealing with a long time challenge to the national intelligence community.


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