I haven’t posted on this topic for some time but everyone should know that there some very serious researchers following what did – and what didn’t – happen with the scheduled release last year. In particular, my friend Rex Bradford has been examining the releases in terms of what was supposed to be made public, and what has not been. This is technical work and demands an extreme level of background in terms of the various official statements about the types and quantities of records to be released, as compared to what is actually occurring.

In a recent conference call, Rex updated the members of the Mary Ferrell Foundation Board on his research, we discussed issues and agreed that it was necessary to officially go on record with the national records archivist as to what we perceived as open issues. A letter was developed and today it was transmitted to NARA. We think the letter is objective and highlights issues as well as what needs to be done to address them.

You can find the letter on the Foundation web site at the following link; for those who are interested, I hope you find it informative:




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