Two pieces of news to share, one short term and the other a bit further out.

First, my friend Stu Wexler and I will be on the Coast to Coast radio show late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. The good news is that we go on first – so if you can make it up to midnight Central time you can listen live. Its more of a stretch for the east cost and easy for the folks out west.  If  you can’t make it up that late, it will be archived.

Stu and I will be interviewed on the MLK assassination and our new book Killing King.  I’m anticipating it will be lively.  The link for the show schedule is here:

The second piece of news is that Creating Chaos is now in the last  stages of publication. The final proof is ready and I have about a week to go through it again and perhaps add a minor about of verbiage to update certain areas of contemporary events. We want to make it as absolutely current as possible at the time of publication – certainly a challenge in today’s news world.

Most importantly, the book is also available for pre-order now, with some significant discounts.  It will initially come out as an ebook in June and then it will be released in paper this September. That’s a bit of a reverse but it gets it out in circulation as early as possible, which is important to me and to the publisher, especially given many of its implications in regard to current events. .

You can find it at the publisher’s site for pre-order and it is up on Amazon as well. The publishers link is below.



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