As I’ve mentioned before, Chuck Ochelli, Carmine Savastano and I have been involved for some months in a deep JFK discussion, largely dealing with the various inquiries and investigations into the Kennedy assassination. This past week we focused in on the HSCA in a part 1 chat about the committee itself.  Next time we move on to the evidence they examined and their determination of conspiracy – a determination based on a good bit more than the police dictabelt tests, which are sometimes cited as the only reason for that conclusion.

Generally speaking we try to get into details about the investigations themselves, to a level that isn’t generally discussed on forums which focus totally on suspects, theories and scenarios.  Not that those things don’t come up but we are looking for a deeper view as to the internal operations of the inquiries.

Admittedly we do ramble at times and each of us has our opinions as to why there has been so much stumbling in the investigations when so many issues with the original FBI investigation and the Warren Commission report are quite obvious.

In any event, for anyone who has not studied the investigations in depth, and especially the origins, formation and evolution of the HSCA, you might want to give a listen.



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