If you have read Stu and my works on the conspiracy which murdered Dr. King, you are well aware that one of the points of convergence for much of the most violent racist (and anti-Semitic) attacks in the south was J.B. Stoner. Stoner was behind the bombings of synagogues across the south, including attacks in Florida, Atlanta, Alabama and Tennessee. He routinely used surrogates to do the actual attacks, and in some instances actually marketed those services, including in one documented instance offering the murder of a number of Civil Rights leaders, with MLK high on the list.

We discuss Stoner’s networks at length in The Awful Grace of God, and his use of the National States Rights Party as a cover for much more covert violence. In Killing King we elaborate on his connections to the White Knights of Mississippi, the sponsors of the ultimate MLK bounty, as well to the fund raising in Atlanta which finally assembled the large amount of cash needed to support that offer.

The connections between Stoner, James Earl Ray and Ray’s brother have long been of interest, especially because of Stoner’s involvement as a defense attorney for Ray and his brother’s employment as a personal security guard for Stoner himself.  Both came after the assassination but there has been considerable suspicion that it didn’t happen by sheer circumstance.

Other investigators have been interested in that possibility, and recently Betsy Phillips, a Nashville based reporter, has written about what appears to have been a secret Tennessee investigation into the King assassination. It was an investigation which the state governor appears to have tried to stop – possibly with some concerns that it might turn up some embarrassing leads pointing beyond James Earl Ray and to a larger conspiracy.

The Phillips article can be found at the following link and in addition to highlighting the Tennessee investigation, it raises a point about Stoner’s connection to the Ray family that might explain a great many things – including James Earl Ray’s strange summer interlude in the deep south in 1967, which placed him within blocks of Stoner’s NSRP headquarters.




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  1. Rich says:

    William Gale is an important link between Stoner, KKK and elements of army intel. Not much written on him.

    • larryjoe2 says:

      Actually David Boylan has researched Gale at great length and so did William Turner in his book on the radical right in Southern California. With those sources, David’s help and our own research Stu and I wrote rather extensively about Gale in The Awful Grace of God. His connections to Army Intel were primarily during WWII and by the late fifties a number of those veterans had gone far right into the Minutemen and other similar groups and by the sixties were causing fits for the FBI, local law enforcement and the regular Army regional intelligence groups – accumulating some really heavy weaponry and laying out plans for a series of high level political assassinations.

      Turner does a very good job on that period and fortunately volunteer informants revealed the plans to the FBI.

      By the mid-sixties Gale had become the right hand man and inner circle strike group leader for Wesley Swift and the Christian Identity movement in the LA area, coordinating with Klan groups in the south. In early 1968 he met with one of the key terrorists of the White Knights, in a planning and coordination meeting. That individual, Thomas Tarrants, is one of the main figures in our books.

      • Anonymous says:

        You had good material on him in your book. I’ll reread Turner. I think Gale stretches into that twilight world overlapping extremists and rogue intelligence types.

      • larryjoe2 says:

        The Turner book is Power on the Right https://www.amazon.com/Power-Right-William-W-Turner/dp/0878670033

        Its a bit hard to find but good work that is generally no longer discussed.

        You bring up a good point about overlap but my view is that its actually a politician/world view overlap between right wing political groups with a strong membership of veterans (both military and intelligence) and serving members of those same services/agencies. Those “active duty” members include not only actual agency employees but individuals who circulate in a rotation between jobs within well funded private policy groups, military/national security contractors and consultants.

        Gale and his associates would have represented one of the most radical examples, with members in the Christian Identity movement, the California Rangers, the Minutemen and the NSRP as well as on some occasions local Klans or in the south Citizens Councils.

        However its not far from there to the associations we discuss in Shadow Warfare where you have the World Anti-Communist league and the US Council for World Freedom with members including former and active CIA officers and a host of retired and active Generals and Admirals as well as active (and wealthy) private citizens assuming a major role in the Contra project (prohibited by Congress).

        And certainly some of those folks were “rogue” if you consider rogue as acting against official American policy and Congressional legislation. Indeed you had actual CIA and NSC officers like Oliver North who were rogue in the same fashion and either indicted or indicted and convicted only to be later pardoned by a President who admired their political activism (sounds pretty contemporary, right?).

        Finding that sort of overlap isn’t really all that difficult and often its quite open (except for some of the influence it manages to wield).

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