Well folks its time to plan for traveling to Dallas this November.  JFK Lancer will be hosting its annual November in Dallas program on November 16-18.

This year the agenda will include presentations on three of the major political assassinations of the 1960s – JFK, MLK and RFK.  We will have specialists presenting on each and I’ll join in on a couple as well.

The conference will feature names well known to many of you, including authors John Newman, Russ Baker, William Law, Bill Simpich and Stuart Wexler.

An extensive discussion of the JFK X-rays will be conducted by medical professions Mike Chesser and David Mantik, with participation by autopsy witness Jim Jenkins.

Jim, assisted by William Law, will also introduce his own, brand new book.

John Hunt, known for his obsessively detailed research into the LAPD investigation of the murder of Robert Kennedy, will present on his findings and discuss his own upcoming (and long awaited) book.  I’ve read John’s manuscript and I assure you its something you don’t want to miss.

Bill Simpich will be presenting on a subject other than Mexico City, focusing on his more recent research on the Dallas Police – I will join him in a question and answer session based on my own research and on the work of George O’Toole among others.

Gary Murr will bring us some of his own unique research – with a presentation titled:  A Small Arms Dealer and the Death of a President

In addition John Orr will be joining us from the CAPA event that week, to discuss the most recent 3D trajectory modeling project in the Plaza.

That is only a partial list of presenters and speakers, I’m holding back a few as a surprise and we will also introduce a few new researchers to our community.

As for myself, I will be presenting my ongoing research (and hopefully my partner David Boylan will be able to join me) on the “Wheaton names”.

I hope that all sounds interesting, I’ll be posting more as we move towards December.  Certainly I’d urge everyone interested in any of the political assassinations to join us, we go to great lengths to make the speakers accessible to the audience and they are always very cooperative in that.

Registration and conference hotel rates are both available now at this link:










3 responses »

  1. Avinash says:

    Will Wesley Frazier be there?

    • larryjoe2 says:

      I’ll have to ask Debra, he has been a speaker at the last several conferences but is not in a scheduled slot at this point. I know he has been invited to attend – along with several other local figures – but I don’t know if he has confirmed. Its to a point where a number of the older folks give us a conditional response, depending on their health at the time.

  2. Avinash says:

    Thanks Larry.

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