If you have not participated in a JFK Lancer conference, or if you have not done so recently, you definitely need to make it this year. As in prior years, our focus is always on new research and this year we will addressing the most recent studies and findings on not only the JFK assassination, but also the murders of RFK and MLK – material presented by the most active researchers still involved in all three cases.

After having been involved with the conferences for almost two decades, two things always strike me. First, it is truly amazing how far we have come in the years following the first generation researchers, themselves limited to the Warren Commission materials, and the plodding release of paper documents via FOIA and NARA requests. The amount of information now visible after decades of FOIA work, the JFK Records Act, the work of the ARRB, and ongoing NARA records releases is stunning. Beyond that, in the RFK and MLK assassinations, FOIA work as well as the archiving of researcher collections and deep data mining in both police and FBI files has produced leads which simply were not visible in the first decades.

This year’s presentations include:

Bill Kelly and Rex Bradford on the JFK document releases

David Mantik and Mike Chesser on the JFK X-Rays
and wound interpretation

John Orr with Larry Schnapf on new 3D trajectory
modeling in Dealey Plaza

John Hunt on LAPD obfuscation and the real RFK crime
scene evidence

Krishna Sheney on research access to the sixth floor
museum archives and oral histories

John Newman on Framing RFK in the Castro Assassination

Carmine Savastano on “Other Suspects” in the RFK
Larry Hancock on the Wheaton names and the Dallas
assault team

Bill Simpich on Dallas Police Department suspects

Russ Baker on Hiding the Proof / We Want the

Jim Jenkins and William Law “At the Cold Shoulder
of History" - the Bethesda autopsy

Gary Murr  A Small Arms Dealer and the Death 
of a President

Stu Wexler      MLK – the real conspiracy

Hubert Clark and William Law “Betrayal;
A JFK Honor Guard Speaks”

Malcolm Blunt and Alan Dale "Tennent 'Pete' Bagley: A
John Newman   The Kennedy's, King, and the Race Issue

Aldo Mariotto   The Texas Trip – Johnson’s Agenda

Ralph Ganis  Otto Skorzeny and the JFK Assassination

This is a line up that that would be hard 
to match in terms of both scope and depth of
expertise. I only wish the first generation researchers
could have the opportunity to see the results
of their pioneering efforts. 

They can't be with us in Dallas this year, you can. I
hope to see a great many of us their with us this

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  1. Matt says:

    Wow, that is a hefty line-up. Might have to make the trip…

    Seems to me there is an emerging consensus in the research community

    • larryjoe2 says:

      It is definitely a heavy line up – this time across all three assassinations. John Hunt’s work on the RFK assassination spans two decades and the depth of factual treatment in his research on the crime scene is unmatched. I will say, however, that Carmine has been probing into the people aspect of the matter and will be presenting some exceptional material on leads the LAPD either obfuscated or literally buried.

      As far as MLK goes, again, the depth of the new leads and the extent to which we can now connect in the people around James Earl Ray is fascinating. And on top of that my friend Stu Wexler has managed to spur his advanced studies class to the point where a new Cold Case bill to address the King case and other civil rights cases has now been reported out of both houses of Congress and stands a good chance of becoming law – opening up brand new possibilities for investigation. This illustrates how serious our presenters are about the research they pursue.

      I do think in many areas there is emerging consensus, we may actually be moving into what I think of as a “synthesis” stage, especially in regard to the JFK attack. In that regard, I will also be releasing an extended monograph at the conference – an extension of the work in NEXUS.

  2. Bob Cochran says:

    Larry and Debra, it is my greatest honor and pleasure being s small part of your exceptional conference each year. Looking forward to seeing you both…

    • larryjoe2 says:

      Bob, its always a pleasure to see you in Dallas – and have you participate! I should have noted that I did not list all the various participants, including folks who are involved with remarks at the banquet, in the memorial ceremony and other activities. The are a major part of the whole experience – and being in Dallas with all these people is truly an experience.

  3. Matt says:

    I recall that Lisa Pease expressed some disapproval of Newman’s framing of a Kennedy backed assassination plot after one of his presentations. Judging by the title ‘Framing RFK in the Castro assassination,’ it sounds like Pease is going to get a thorough response! It was a notable exchange! I remember thinking to ask you your thoughts on this Kennedy/CIA/Castro dilemma when I first heard it…

    Really curious about your Wheaton presentation… that interview with him on YouTube is compelling.

    I listen to these presentations while I work and they’ve done a lot to bring me into areas of the case that I previously struggled with or neglected. It was not until catching Simpich, Armstrong, and McBride’s interviews/presentations on the Tippit shooting that I realized what a blindspot the DPD was for me. Douglas Horne, with his marathon six hour presentation, has provided a ridiculously clear introduction to the medical evidence in the case. Horne gave me enough of a frame to be able to pick up Best Evidence again.

    My point is – keep posting these presentations on YouTube! They are highly effective…
    I’m still going to try and make it…


    • larryjoe2 says:

      Just a couple of points in reply. Bill S. has been pretty focused on the DPD for a couple of years now, just not saying much about it up to know. I will join him in his presentation and in a break out later in the conference. As usual we don’t necessarily agree on everything but we certainly share some suspicions about DPD officers and it should make for an interesting exchange. He has actually changed my mind on one individual recently, proving I’m either open minded or weakening in my old age.

      Of course the good news is that all the presentations are always available afterwards on CD and Deb goes to great effort to make those as good as possible, the conference video folks are a life saver in supporting the presentations.

      As far as my “names” presentation goes, eventually the monograph will be made available for everyone but I have to say that the work in it is intense, David Boylan has provided dozens of new documents to support it, and it will be a lot easier to follow if I have a chance to explain it in person – which is why we will have a break out on it as well.

  4. mr paul Nixon says:

    Looks like a terrific schedule Larry and I wish I could be there. Still I hope to be there in 2019.
    I have, however, got a ticket for the Willens / Blakey event on 10/29 at the Sixth Floor Museum – should be fascinating.

    • larryjoe2 says:

      Paul, since it does sound like you will be in Dallas that week, there is a daily walk in rate if you are able to make it for Friday or Saturday only…

      • larryjoe2 says:

        I need to advise all those interested in attending the conference that Debra Conway has announced that the 2018 event will be her last JFK Lancer conference. I think we have a outstanding presenter line up, schedule of activities and structure for the conference. We will be ending the November in Dallas series in the fashion it deserves – if you were considering attending I thought I should bring this to your attention.

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