Debra Conway and I had the opportunity to spend two hours talking about JFK Lancer’s work and its November in Dallas conference with Chuck Ochelli on his show Friday evening. You  can find the show at this link.

The discussion went over a good deal of the history of JFK Lancer and most especially of Debra’s years of work – in particular all of her personal outreach and facilitation which brought together so many people in research – and established the foundation for so much collaboration.

If you listen to the interview you will gain a good appreciation for how many researchers got their start with Debra’s efforts – of course that includes me as well.

During the course of the show, Debra announced that after two decades, JFK Lancer will be continuing its work in publishing and making research materials and new research available via the Lancer WEB site. However the 2018 November in Dallas will be the last research conference hosted by JFK Lancer.

The good news is that the 2018 conference is going to be exceptional, both in terms of speakers and activities. I’m really happy that it will provide a fitting conclusion to the November in Dallas conference series.  You can see the speaker list and detailed schedule at this link:

If you haven’t been and you always thought about coming…now is the time to do so.  Its an experience that should not be missed.



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