My friend and co-author Stu Wexler has just had an OpEd published that everyone should read.  We have warned about the dangers of anti-semitism embedded in the ultra right movements in several of our books – unfortunately events are repeating themselves mush as we had feared.  Attacks on black churches, on Synagogues…its all part of a pattern that repeats itself and you can never assume its gone away.

It re-surges whenever hate is inflamed and enabled. If you want a true understanding for how deeply its embedded, take the time to read Stu’s article and share it freely:



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  1. Anthony M says:

    Thanks – a very interesting if depressing overview.

    One difference in the current situation is that it is in some ways similar to the way in which European rulers in the past used bigotry to distract the masses from their misery during hard times. In Europe and Russia this was usually anti-Semitic pogroms. Today in the US (and to some extent Europe) it is anti-migrant and islamophobic ‘othering’ that is I think quite deliberate. As what is probably an unintended side effect it is encouraging anti-Semitism as well (predictably).

    It is a very dangerous road we are on, the roots of which are structural in our societies..

    Thanks again

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