For those who might not have gotten the word up to this point, the November in Dallas will be continuing – hosted by CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations) and with JFK Lancer participation

Registration is now available:

CAPA 2019 November In Dallas Conference


The conference will be held November 22 and 23, 2019 at the new
Marriott Courtyard hotel at 310 South Houston Street in the Dallas Downtown /Reunion district which is just two short blocks from Dealey Plaza.

A basic schedule for the two day, Friday/Saturday conference is available on the CAPA conference site although speakers have not yet been announced.  Individuals, including my friend Bill Simpich, who previously worked on and presented at the JFK Lancer conference series will be coordinating speakers and presentations and I’m sure it will be excellent.

JFK Lancer President Debra Conway will continue to operate the book and collectibles store at the conference and that should include all of the Lancer books as well as the huge DVD collection of presentations from previous conferences.

A large number of folks were concerned about the future of the conference so I’m really pleased to advise everyone that it will continue and to recommend it.

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  1. Paul Nixon says:

    Hi Larry,

    Very much hope to be there but can’t be certain at this stage. Do you have a closing date for registrations ?

    All the best,

    Paul Nixon

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  2. larryjoe2 says:

    Paul, I see that the advance rate is good through October 22 and normally the conference does not really close, its just a matter of of the “early bird” rate going up to the full conference rate.

  3. Debra Conway JFK Lancer says:

    Thank you Larry.

  4. Chloe Louise says:

    Larry, here’s the thing, I have been following you and Debra and Sherry forever. I actually went there to see all of you and Gary Shaw, too, one of my original heroes. Will you be at the new conference? you are my go to person who kindly answers the questions of just a regular person, not a researcher. Sadly, I missed meeting Sherry–we are all still suffering her loss. I had listened to her forever.

    Here is something I never really understand…….when the interview of Wheaton is out there and has been around for some time and he is a reputable person–why is this kind of thing not acted upon by the government. At the end of the day it seems like the governments biggest weapon with this kind of information is just not doing or not saying anything and then no one ever really knows the answer.

    After all of these years it seems like this thing could just be cleared up so easily or almost cleared up with the absolute facts outs there. I am not someone who does not like our government but one has to wonder if the information would just be too damaging in the long run.

    Well, what do you think.

    • larryjoe2 says:

      Hi Chloe, its good to hear from you – and yes we all miss Sherry hugely, not just her professional expertise but her intensity and commitment, as well as the huge amount of work she invested with JFK Lancer and Debra.

      As for me, actually I had promised my wife the 50th anniversary conference would be my last so I actually overstayed that by several years. If I were local and could just pop over I’d probably attend forever but travel presents more challenges than it first did when I first started flying into Dallas over two decades ago for conferences. I do some remote presentations these days, just did one to the DPUK conference and have one coming up to a summer class as the University of Alabama. Always happy to do that and of course I will continue to blog here. I’m happy to answer questions here or at And if someone wants comments on a particular topic or issue I’m also happy to respond with a post – just let me know.

      On your question, I’m pretty comfortable at this point – after digging into several political assassinations as well as some other national security problems – that its more of what I think of as a “systems” problem. One of the fundamental problems we face (at least in my view) is that there was a national security decision made on Sunday November 24th to the effect that there was every indication that there had been a conspiracy in the president’s murder but whether it was external or domestic it was simply too dangerous to pursue.

      Personally I think that the suspicion even at that point was domestic, with participation by CIA officers. However going there and pursuing that lead had huge consequences at the height of the Cold War. So they passed…and institutionalized the view of Lee Oswald as a lone nut. I can show you other instances of where decisions have been made not to investigate things simply because it was feared the consequences to the nation exceeded not knowing. Of course on occasion that also involved career consequences, which are simply expressed as national security concerns.

      And decision was made in 1963…by this point in time we have built up so many political barriers to dealing with the truth but virtually no investigation will produce consequences, regardless of the degree of proof. There is simply too much political and career and financial “investment” to deal with the most challenging problems…unfortunately we see that virtually across the board in today’s political climate. But of course that’s our problem as citizens and voters, we it seems like most of us have moved to the point of rejecting what we don’t want to hear…all too easily moving right to a state of denial.

      Which essentially takes me back to my view of the national security council meeting in the WH on Sunday, November 24 – the point in time when a host of leads towards conspiracy, including the initial autopsy report, became problems to deal with rather than clues to a solution. Nobody wanted to see conspiracy, nobody wanted to say it openly and there was no career or political motive for anyone to want to go there.

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