Although it doesn’t seem that long ago, I began my own research into the assassination almost thirty years ago, in the early 1990’s – when research consisted of going to NARA for documents, or blindly ordering them and paying for 4 copies of the same FBI report.  At that time collaboration consisted of personal travel or CompuServe forum exchanges – at 1200 and then 2400 bits per second speed (OK, so now it does sound like long ago).

Over the years I did manage to connect personally with a number of the first generation researchers, including Anna Marie Kuhns Walko, Connie Kritzberg, Mary Ferrell, Jim Marrs, Gary Shaw, Jerry Rose, Gary Murr and others both from the Dallas area and well beyond. And I have spoken with a number of people who were in the Plaza on November, 22, 1963 or who participated in the local investigations (official and otherwise).

There have definitely been “generations” involved in this work, at present we are well into the fourth generation of researchers – and have access to a body of information which would have amazed those of the first generation. In fact in reviewing may of the written works even into the early 1990’s, I find much in them that requires revision or is simply incorrect based on the historical finds and document releases of the last two decades.  Much of what was mysterious then simply is not now; in its place we have new issues of evidence, new mysteries and new names.

I’ve tried to cover much of that in this blog, however I recently had an opportunity to chat for some two hours on the history of JFK research and the current state of the case with my friends Carmine and Chuck and you will find that conversation at the link below. I was very pleased with it and think it provides a good overview of this area of research as well as the current state of the case.

If you do listen and have questions, be sure to post them here and I’ll do my best to respond:

JFK Assassination Research History


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  1. AnthonyM says:


    I enjoyed the programme. There’s probably a Ph.D in the history of the evolution of ideas around all this for some young history post-grad…

    I guess the big question that was left hanging at the end there was who you feel are the likely perpetrators from your work on the Wheaton names? I conscious that is something you may well want to prepare a full presentation of the evidence for rather than discussing it on a short blog post, but I couldn’t resist asking!

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    Actually after the show Chuck and I talked about that at some length and I have been persuaded to go ahead and actually walk off the end of the tree limb by preparing a monograph which gives my detailed thoughts on the entire conspiracy scenario, from its back story though its iterations during 1963. Part of that will be tracing the links from Miami though New Orleans to Texas (not just Dallas) and finally to the Plaza.

    I have no intention of making it into a book and to a large extent it will based on bibliographic sourcing rather than end notes (although someone has volunteered to do citations to some level). It should make sense to folks who have read my books, blog posts and the Wheaton Names paper (which means I have to get the most recent version up for public access). There will likely be a couple of supplemental papers to go along with it, dealing with various issues which have been discussed in earlier books by others but which need to be cleared up based on the most recent documents available to us now .

    Its going to take awhile to do a reasonable job on it, but as the culmination of some 30 years research I hope it won’t take all that long. And of course in the end it will largely be an opinion piece, an opinion supported by a lot of historical data but still just opinion. As to actual names of those participating, some I will state but as far as the tactical personnel, the best I can offer would a discussion of the most likely individuals to have played a role in the events in Dallas, which of course includes not just the shooting but all the support work including the manipulation of Lee Oswald.

    I just hope the number of gray cells remaining are sufficient for the task.

  3. AnthonyM says:

    Brilliant. Looking forward to reading it.

  4. Brandon says:

    This is great news Larry. I’m hanging on every word. Thank you for all your work.

  5. larryjoe2 says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, certainly it is a challenge – the work will involve pieces and parts that have been floating around in my mind for some time but which I have never connected on paper. Certain peripheral areas will be speculative, particularly in regard to the “handling” of Oswald in Texas. The other element which will be debatable is my selection of “sources”; I have spent many years working on examining and corroborating those individuals I think did have (or received) some inside knowledge of the conspiracy.

    The people and groups that I will discuss as sources in the monograph will be those who I feel are consistent and credible – which means if a name or group does not show up, you can assume I didn’t just forget them but made a conscious choice. My goal will be to draw as straight a line as possible, without being diverted into mysteries which may be intriguing but fall outside the path I see as most direct.

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