Well actually what has been missing are new posts from me. That is explained by the fact that all my available time has been consumed with edits and corrections to my final work on the JFK assassination. Thankfully, after several weeks of that, the manuscript is with Rex Bradford and when time permits he will format it, and place it on the Mary Ferrell Foundation web site for access by all those interested.

Rex has proved a demanding, but excellent editor, and his efforts led to a variety of copy rewrites and expansions – as well as a much more structured work. Its hard to say how many pages it would be if it were being turned to a book, but its just shy of 200 pages in Word so it ended up as being a lot more than the simple monograph I first conceived (much like almost all my projects. The end notes, which involve extensive commentary in many areas, ended up at more than 300 citations.

If you have them and have not completed any of my previous JFK related works – Someone Would Have Talked, NEXUS, In Denial and the more recent Wheaton Lead Exploration (with David Boylan), you will want to bring those out and finish or revisit them before wading into this final work.

The Wheaton Lead paper can be found on the MFF site at:


Also, if you do not routinely visit the Mary Ferrell Foundation site you really should, there is a rapidly expanding body of work there and if you pass it by in favor of JFK forums you really are missing some serious historical research.

Now, since I have been away, and before I jump into anything else – if you have questions or would like to see a particular topic addressed here in a blog post please post them here or drop me a note at larryjoe@westok.net

PS: I will be working with Debra Conway and JFK Lancer to develop a virtual JFK seminar for 2020, as well as an ongoing seminar series for 2021. These things are not easy to make happen, but we are giving it our best effort, and hopefully it will provide a new online venue for some of the best researchers. Wish us luck!

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  1. AnthonyM says:

    Looking forward to reading it. Do you know the release date?
    I would echo your sentiments about the MFF site, both in terms of the quality of information and took such as the cryptonyms tool etc.
    Is there anything vaguely like a peer reviewed academic journal for this sort of thing?

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    MFF release depends on Rex Bradford’s time. He has a full time job, does MFF work on his own spare time and has a few things in the queue already – my best guess is that it will up on MFF before the end of September if all goes well.

    As far as a peer reviewed journal, not to my knowledge. That would be a real challenge; I had five individuals willing to peer review this work – that took several months and was a good deal of work for them.

    We are working at publishing a few peer reviewed articles via MFF but that too is a major task with this subject given how few people may be well versed enough in a particular subject to do solid peer review.

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