Tipping Point

Earlier I had blogged on my activity in regard to a new work dealing with the assassination of President John Kennedy. A great deal of new information has become available in the years following my first effort 2006 on that subject, Someone Would Have Talked, a work that was initially developed more as a research manuscript than anything else, but which turned into a book.  A decade ago that book was reworked, added to extensively and re-issued in 2010, providing the newest research and disclosures of the time.

A full decade has passed since that publication, a period which has seen an explosion in resources, a great amount of which covered the specific areas of interest which I had already been exploring. And over the last three years, a number of researchers have made immense strides in understanding and correlating a host of documents, including not only those disclosed by the work of the Assassinations Records Review Board, but extensive numbers of primary historical documents from both the FBI and the CIA.   

The result of that work is that we can now not only read the documents, but break through crypts, pseudonyms and aliases to understand exactly who was involved in what activities – as well as more full understand contemporary operations going on inside different sections of each agency in the early 1960s. That capability, plus the availability of new sources and oral history research, has made it possible to extend the early work in Someone Would Have Talked to an entirely new level.

Which means that my earlier posts about a new 40 or 50 page monograph on the Kennedy conspiracy have evolved into something far beyond what I had anticipated – something which goes beyond 300 pages and is pushing 400 separate end notes and extended commentaries – the majority of which are supported by links to actual documents (providing more proof that it’s a good thing I never attempted to write short stories).

The news now is that with the extensive support of Rex Bradford at the Mary Ferrell Foundation, this new work will be serialized and made available to everyone on the Mary Ferrell Foundation web site.  However, beyond that, it will also be made available as an actual book, available for purchase on Amazon – with all proceeds reserved for the ongoing work of the Foundation.

I’m not going to say much more about the work itself, hopefully the serialization will begin to be available in October – we have not tied down the exact number of segments in that, clearly it will take more than a handful. What I will do is provide at least a feel for the content by listing the major headings and subheadings below. 

Tipping Point / The conspiracy which murdered President John Kennedy


            Reality Check


            The Back Door

The Cuban Backstory

Revolutionary Cuba 1958-1960

The CIA Cuba Project 1960-1961

Covert Action Against Cuba 1961-62

Anti-Castro Activism 1961-1962

Helter Skelter – 1963

Enter Lee Oswald

            Walking a Tightrope

            Oswald’s Uses

People in Motion – Fall 1963

Context for Conspiracy

            They Talked

            A Witches Brew

            Tipping Point

Trickle Down

            Oswald in Play

            A Useful Idiot

The Conspiracy


Tactics and Tools

            Jack Ruby

            Harry Olson?

            J.D. Tippit?

            A Visible Conspiracy

            The Castro Linkage

Final Words

Citations and Commentary

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  1. Brace G Berg says:

    Larry, great news! Does Colonel USAF Howard Burris factor in at all? He is a shadowy guy on LBJ Team that kept him in the loop on sensitive intelligence matters.

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    Ah yes, Colonel Howard Burris and his fellow Colonel Delk Simpson… Those two cost me many hours, some serious NARA document fees, and many sacrificed gray cells.

    In the end I was forced to conclude that Burris was mysterious, but only in the context of being one of Johnson’s network of Texas alumni in Washington (Johnson had his own network in place within a number of government agencies and in the services – a man with ears and eyes all over DC). There is no doubt that Burris served as a back channel for intelligence, that he did have friends inside the agency (very likely related to his foreign service assignments over the years – see bio link below). His connections to Texas oil and to the CIA most likely explain his social and financial connections to Iran.


    But in the end he appears to be more of an example of how a well positioned career officer can benefit from networking, staff assignments, double dipping with military contractors – and for that matter the right marriage.

    As to Simpson, in the end much of the mystery of Simpson and bags of money most likely connects to his job in foreign sales for a major aircraft manufacturer. Apparently his contacts in France and within NATO preferred cash.

    Two more examples of individuals who were connected, involved in various intrigues – just not in the attack in Dallas or the JFK conspiracy.

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