Somewhat amazingly, given all the strain and stress of 2020, I’m able to share a good bit of progress and news for the year. First came the publication of my own new book – In Denial / Secret Wars with Air Strikes and Tanks (which includes an extended discussion of the Cuba Project and the real story of JFK and the Bay of Pigs).

Then the publication, on the Mary Ferrell Foundation site, of the extensive research by David Boylan and myself into Gene Wheaton’s JFK assassination lead. A lead which Wheaton personally provided to the ARRB.

And finally, the imminent serialization and book publication of Tipping Point / The Conspiracy that Murdered President Kennedy – which is the (personally unanticipated) sequel to Someone Would Have Talked and NEXUS.

But that’s not the real news for this post. This news covers the success in recovering and reviving two major pieces of work by long time researchers – in depth research which appeared to have been lost with the passing of those individuals. The passing of both John Hunt and Ian Griggs basically seemed to have left years of their work lost in abandoned and unpublished manuscripts.

The first effort to deal with that apparent loss came with Stu Wexler’s recovery of John Hunt’s research manuscript on the RFK Assassination – and not just the manuscript, but hundreds of unique graphics, photographs, and illustrations which John had accumulated to support his work on what can be shown to have been a woefully inept and manipulated criminal investigation of the Senator’s murder. With some organizational work by myself and a huge, dedicated, editing effort by Gary Murr we expect to have John’s unmatched work turned over to Debra Conway at JFK Lancer in early October.

The second successful effort was the recovery of Ian Grigg’s decade’s long research into the organization, duties and personnel of the Dallas Police Department.  Ian’s work, much of it based in oral history interviews, provides a totally new level of insight into the structure of the organization but many of its basic practices.  As it turns out Ian had actually completed almost all of his work prior to his passing and although formatting and structural editing will be required, his research manuscript is now with JFK Lancer and Debra Conway.

Certainly Debra will have a laad of work to do to get each of these research pieces actually published. Publishing John Hunt’s manuscript will be especially challenging given the number of graphics to be included – and the associated work in making all those not included available for access. And of course Debra’s publishing work has to be done in conjunction with the return of the JFK Lancer November Conference for 2020 – this time in a virtual format.

I’ve completed and recorded my own session for the upcoming virtual conference, it is on JFK and the Bay of Pigs.  In addition, we are planning an effort to record a virtual walking tour of the Plaza, the sort of tour I led in person for conferences over a decade or so.  That is also a challenge, but we really hope to make it work; for those who have never been to Dallas it is a visual experience that is vital to fully understanding what you may read in regard to the actual attack on November 22, 1963.

All in all it’s been a surprisingly productive year, especially so in the face of everything else 2020 has brought us!

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  1. Paul says:

    Fantastic – long overdue research into the DPD

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    Absolutely, of course its important to remember that Ian’s DPD research was just that, fact and oral history based descriptive information on the force as a whole. Its not a conspiracy book by any stretch, but it gives a level of insight into the organization, people and day to day routines that we have never had before.

    That provides us with a key benchmark in regard to what was regular practice – for reference against what went down on November 22, 1963. I was particularly interested in the patrol and detective practices – patrol areas, beats, special assignments.

    In knew police work and that put him in a unique position to ask questions and obtain details others would have missed. I’m extremely happy that we managed to connect with his son and that he was able to recover Ian’s work.

  3. John MacDonald says:

    Bravo. Cant wait for Ian material

  4. Greg Kooyman says:

    Hi Larry,
    Can you elaborate on when your new book Tipping Point/ The Conspiracy that Murdered President Kenneday will be available?

    It was good to see you recently.. I hope all is well with you.


  5. larryjoe2 says:

    Hi Greg, it was good to meet you in person as well! The decision to offer Tipping Point both as a serialization on MFF and as commercial in print book complicated matters in a number of ways, as well as increasing Rex’s work significantly – from being not just master editor to publisher.

    Having said that, we still expect the serializations to begin in October, hopefully within a week or two depending on Rex’s time. As for the book I would hope it would be out early in 2021 but again that is strictly a matter for Rex since he is the one doing all the work now. Their will also be added materials needed for the book, hopefully including an index.

  6. larryjoe2 says:

    Yes, it will be serialized for a free read on MFF beginning in October and then when its ready for printing it will come out as both an eBook and a print book available on Amazon. All proceeds from the Amazon sales will be donated to MFF operations.

    I’m eager for the reading – and discussion – to begin as well….

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