There is no doubt 2020 is a “different” year, but the more challenging it becomes the more the need to carry on. In that vein, JFK Lancer is continuing its tradition of historical conferences focused on the Kennedy Administration and the JFK Assassination. This year, as with so many things, the conference will be virtual.

The speaker line up remains strong – as for myself I’m participating in four events. Two will be presentations, one on JFK and the Bay of Pigs and the second on my new work, Tipping Point. Beyond that I’m joining three fellow researchers in a panel discussion and, if it proves workable, virtually hosting a walking tour of the Plaza as I did in person for many years.

You can find some basics about the conference and register at this link:

More information on speakers and topics will go up as time permits. This is a new effort for JFK Lancer and obviously it has organizational and technology challenges – but what in 2020 doesn’t.

And it that vein, for those who have not lost the dream of the sixties, I heartily recommend revisiting its spirit with the following:

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  1. D.G. S. says:

    Got my Lancer notification too but thanks for your post as well. The video is great! (Is it new?) Thank you Larry and hope to be on your virtual walking tour (I enjoyed the physical one in a previous year too).

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    The video just came out a couple of days ago and I think its fantastic…captures the dream many of us have had for decades – and refuse to surrender.

    Doing a virtual conference is really a quite ambitious, especially in this format where its not a one shot live deal. We will capture as much of the feel of the live conference as possible, although its virtually impossible to get the camaraderie of the hallway conversations.

    I told Debra I’d love to do a virtual “after conference in the bar” event which would take many of us into some very spontaneous and unconstrained dialogs that went on for hours after the last session – not sure that can be replicated in either content or noise levels..grin.

    Glad you enjoyed the personal tour, we still wrestling with the concept but it should be doable one way or the other, and at least this way we can pick a day with reasonable weather. I recall leading one tour with it sleeting, sort of took a bit of the mood away.

  3. John F. Davies says:

    There is a very good chance that I will be registering for this event. As it will be virtual, I now have the opportunity to participate for the first time. Something to look forward to.

    As for the video, I’ve got some issues with it, but get the message. Never was much of a Stevie Nicks fan myself. Both me and my partner personally dropped off our ballots at the County Registrar last Friday, by the way.
    Over and out, John

  4. larryjoe2 says:

    A virtual conference is definitely a challenge, in a number of ways. Yesterday I participated in recording a virtual panel discussion….which I thought went pretty well for a first effort. There are pros and cons to doing a single live stream vs. piecing together pre-recorded sessions, but the latter offers a lot more options for presenters.

    We will also be able to get presenters who would never have been able to come to Dallas and present live – for a number of reasons.

    I hope you get the chance to register and do enjoy it if so.

    As for me I’ve always been a Fleetwood Mac fan but this is more personal, no dream is ever perfect when you try to execute it in reality – but I’m still one of those naive (or possibly just plain hard headed) souls that refuse to up on the overall goals expressed in the song.

    • John F. Davies says:

      Just signed up for the virtual JFK Lancer Conference. Greatly looking forward to it. My partner Marianne will also be watching as well.

      And in response to your election video, I’ll contribute my own as well, from 60 years ago, and which my five year old self was singing all the time, much to my family’s amusement.

  5. larryjoe2 says:

    I’m happy you registered for the virtual conference; I just recorded my presentation on Tipping Point this morning and did a two hour panel discussion recorded earlier in the week. The next challenge will be the virtual walking tour…

    That is a great recording of a JFK campaign song (talk about the good old days). I don’t remember that at all. I recall a good bit of media and even the comedy records from during his presidency but the campaign escaped me….then a great many things at that age escaped me…no great shock there.

    Thanks for posting it!!

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