“Context for Conspiracy” / Segment 4 of Tipping Point is now available for reading online at the Mary Ferrell Foundation:


This segment begins with a synopsis of the sources I found to be both credible and consistent in providing at least limited amounts of information related to the conspiracy which evolved during the fall of 1963, as well as the actual attack in Dallas, Texas. Some of the individuals discussed were at least peripherally inside the conspiracy, others were totally outside it, but heard relevant information from individuals who can now be identified with some level of certainty. Two individuals are also included who provide critical information related Lee Oswald, information which undermines the official story of his being a loner and instead positions him as being in contact with “subversives”, something known (and suppressed) within both the FBI and CIA.  

More to the point, Segment 4 continues with an exploration of the context in which the conspiracy developed, evolved and ultimately reached a tipping point where ongoing talk and plotting against President Kennedy became driven by a time critical element. At that point Dallas emerged as not just another opportunity, but a place where it all had to come together, a place where local assets were available, and a point in time where the President had to be eliminated. Segment 4 also goes into considerable detail in regard to Lee Oswald in 1963, including the connections and activities which brought him into play by the conspiracy.

It’s a fairly long and deep read, to be followed by Segment 5 on December, 20th. That segment will delve into the Dallas attack including the tactical scenario and conclude with an examination of which parts of the plan worked, which did not, and the resulting actions by those who knew that there had indeed been a conspiracy involved in the assassination.

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