Tipping Point is now available for order in the print version on Amazon.

The print versions contains additional commentary and elaboration based on feedback on the serialized version as well as new information, including discussion of one new and possibly significant CIA officer who has never really been on the radar before this (thanks to the ongoing work of David Boylan). It also contains an index which should prove very useful to serious readers  – the indexing does include a number of crypts as well).

Rex is working on getting the Kindle version up on Amazon as well and hopefully it will be available soon. He will also be adding an overview of the book and some early comments by some familiar names in the JFK community. 

The Amazon link does allow some preview of both the book and the index.

As always, good reviews from readers are always most welcome.

All proceeds from the sales will go to the doument colletion work of the Mary Ferrell Foundation and there are some exciting things in progress in that work.

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  1. John F. Davies says:

    Will the print version be available through other distributors such as Barnes and Noble?
    Amazon’s substandard customer service made me want to have nothing to do with them.
    And is there an audio version on the works as well?

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    Unfortunately the answers to both questions are “no”, the reality of today’s publishing world is that unless you can get a publisher who sees sales in the tens of thousands of units range a specialty book like this is not going to take it to distributors like Ingram and hence into book stores. That used not to be the case, even my earliest books did make it into distribution but with online sales being what they are and the decline in store front book sellers its a different world that a couple of decades ago. To some extent it seems to be a combination of the advantages of print on demand and the risks of returned shipments. For smaller, independent publishers Its just to costly to ship out quantities of books to retailers and go through the process of returns from shelf stocking.

    A separate factor with Tipping Point is that I wanted to use the book sales to help fund the historical document work of the Mary Ferrell Foundation so I literally turned it over to the Foundation for publication rather than going after a commercial publisher – which these days would have required an agent (another change from days past) and delayed it for a year or even two at minimum.

    The same quantity issue is true for an audio version, actually those are rather expensive based on the narration and while “popular” books and name brand authors can produce sales forecasts that justify it in many cases the audio version only comes after the initial sales justify it.

    At some point Tipping Point will start to show up on EBay with resales but its not going into bookstore distribution and I expect that for some time Amazon will be only option.

  3. John F. Davies says:

    OK, I guess I’ll just have to check E-Bay periodically.
    And when that first happens., I will be the first to buy it.
    In the meantime, there’s plenty from “Tipping Point” on the Mary Farrell web page to keep me interested.

  4. larryjoe2 says:

    Based on past experience it will probably take at least six months for it to make it onto EBay since it is a print on demand production and someone is going to have to want to resell after they have read it – my guess is the first round of print buyers may want to hold onto their own copies for further research.. It is also possible that third party resellers may start showing up, that has happened before but its impossible to predict.

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