Its been brought to my attention that its become increasingly difficult – at the moment totally impossible – to get a copy of my book Unidentified / The National Intelligence Problem of UFO’s via Amazon. First off I apologize for that. Its very frustrating for any author, and at the moment I have multiple problems (with different publishers) in making Kindle versions of books available via Amazon, or with print version availability.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Unidentified you may do so by emailing or calling Debra Conway, the publisher, at the following: or 817-371-1260

She does have copies available.

I remain very much involved with research into UFOs (Unidentified Aerial/Aerospace Phenomena) and am involved with two research teams at the moment. One team is investigating the physical and flight characteristics of UFOs over several decades. Perhaps the most interesting thing about that to me is that neither the size nor shape (including some horrendously un-aerodynamic shapes) appear to have any relationship to aspects such as acceleration or G loading.

In addition, despite all the current furor over recent Navy incidents, we have had measured examples of that highly unconventional performance for decades now:

Fort Hood Sightings, 1949

It strikes me that we have not really considered the implications of either the continuity of that technology or the contrast in the activities of UFOs specifically in the vicinity of atomic installations as compared to their other appearances. In the early decades UFOs were frequently reported approaching and actually engaging with both commercial and in particular military aircraft – something not seen in their much more circumspect appearances at atomic weapons facilities.

In contract certain characteristics, such as daylight appearances and actual formation flights of UFOs have changed considerably over the decades.

I’m involved with study teams working on both these issues, but the tasks involve a great deal of data manipulation and analytics, there are no shortcuts to a scientific approach.

For those interested in the subject and particularly in a scientific approach, I urge you to take a look at the SCU and explore this link:

I think you might find our upcoming June virtual conference especially interesting.

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  1. John F. Davies says:

    On the subject of UFO encounters with aircraft, I would like to bring up a most controversial yet little discussed topic, namely alleged shootdowns of military aircraft by UFOs.

    Any serious UFOlogist I knows of the 1947 case of Air Force Captain Thomas Mantell, whose (P)F-51 allegedly crashed after inexplicably losing control while pursuing a UFO in the vicinity of Fort Knox, Kentucky. Subsequent investigation showed that Mantell had lost consciousness due to a faulty oxygen system. However, the myth of the UFO shootdown has persisted to this day.

    Click to access analysis_mantell_randle.pdf

    There is however, another account from Dr. Stanton Friedman. He tells of a UFO sighting over Cuba at or about 1969-71. A flight of Mig-21s was dispatched to intercept , and after attempts to warn the object away from Cuban airspace failed, ground control instructed the Migs to arm their air to air missiles and shoot it down. The closer Mig was in the process of lining up for its shot when allegedly the aircraft’s engine and all its systems abruptly shut off and the Mig suddenly spiraled down, killing its pilot in the process.
    Also, during the 1960s and ’70s, the Soviet Air Defense forces had standing orders for all interceptors to immediately engage all and any UFOs flying over Soviet airspace. I also hear of similar incidents happening over Russia like that which happened over Cuba as well.

    What’s your own knowledge of this?

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    I’m familiar with the accounts you related John but I’ve never seen anything to fully confirm any of them, especially purported NSA intercept of the Cuban incident. There are numerous Russian stories about engagements, missile site incidents etc but again, they are anecdotal as far as I know.

    Since we don’t have full corroboration of any of them I have to fall back on the one American incident we do know about where an interceptor opened machine gun fire on a “saucer” with no effect and the UFO simply accelerated away (that story comes personally from Keyhoe and has a pretty fair level of detail, I’m comfortable with it.)

    We do have a number of actual documented engagements were interceptors attempted to close on (if not fire) on UFOs and in all those incidents at worse the UFO appeared to essentially play can and mouse – sometimes for extended periods – before departing.

    I’m pretty conservative in most areas and this is one of them; I think we can document active engagements, very possibly including EM effects (which might well be unintentional) but I’ve seen no confirmation of actual UFO hostility that I can confirm up to this point – which of course why the Air Force and now apparently the Navy refused to authorize hostile action against UFO’s.

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