Unidentified Reading Aid / Part 1

The good news is that without any particular explanation or communication with my publisher, Amazon has again made Unidentified available for direct sales and shipment.  It’s a bit mysterious, but considering similar short term availability issues with other books it may just reflect they have caught up with print on demand and shipping backlogs.  You will find both the EBook and Print versions here:

I’d been working on a list of graphics and illustration links to assist anyone reading the book and to celebrate I’m posting them below.  The links are pretty dense so I’m going to do it in two parts.  If you have the book it would be interesting to scan back though it and take a look at the graphics, if you are just beginning to read it hopefully it will add to the experience.  I’ve arranged it with the historical flow of the text. I’m able to embed some of the images here but for the list you will either have to click though the links or cut and then click on them :

Scandinavian Ghost Rockets / suspected impacts


Scandinavia Ghost Rocket reference map





Skyhook balloon


Balloon train

Balloon Radar reflectors

Theodolite instrument

Fu Go Balloons





Cold War Air Defense Map

Air Defense Radars 1948 /   Lashup Radar Network




Air Defense Identification Zones

Soviet Saucer speculation


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  1. D Conway says:

    Great news! I’ll call you later.


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