Here are the rest of the graphics and illustrations I would recommend to anyone reading the book. If you don’t have it and are curious to why or how these particular graphics relate to the book just ask away here.

American atomic weapons manufacturing and test complex –

Hanford, Sandia, Nevada test site, Los Alamos, Pantex, Oak Ridge, Savannah

River, Rocky Flats

Hanford radioactive materials production complex

Oak Ridge materials complex

Weapons Testing – Radiation Fall-Out Patterns over the United States

Newspaper headline images

Blue Book Special Report #14

AEC Atomic Weapons Stockpile Sites / Q Areas

    Site A – Manzano Base adjacent to Kirtland Air Force Base and Sandia Base

    Site B – Clarksville Base, adjacent to Campbell Air Force Base and

Fort Campbell (Tennessee and Kentucky)

    Site C – Medina Base, adjacent to Kelly and Lackland Air Force Bases


    Site D – Killeen Base, adjacent to Gray Air Force Base and Fort Hood


Killeen Base map and image references:

Manzano Base atomic weapons storage site

Kirtland AFB UFO incident

Kirtland AFB map

SAC bomber base map

SAC Bomber and Missiles Bases

Sandia Base

SAC Chrome Dome Flights

Artic Region

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    I overlooked your “Tipping Point” update with all the wonderful photos. I will send it out today along with the newer one. I’m very sorry,


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