Conference details and tentative speaker schedule:

Sessions will be streamed Friday and Saturday beginning at 9 AM Central and Sunday at Noon Central on November 19-21

The conference will be “virtual” with presentations streamed during the conference dates, and with a dedicated Facebook page for registered attendees to ask questions and participate in dialogs with presenters.  The fee will be $64.99 for conference viewing only, and $119.99 for conference viewing plus digital download.

All ticketed attendees will have the ability to re watch any presentation as often as they want until the 30th of November.

Reservations may be made at:

Speaker Schedule / Subject to Change

Friday, November 19:

Debra Conway

Don Jefferies with Chuck Ochelli

Bart Kamp with Malcolm Blunt (two part)

Larry Schnapf

Stuart Wexler

Brent Holland 

Saturday, November 20:

Debra Conway

Russ Baker

Bill Simpich

Johnny Cairns

Larry Hancock and David Boylan (two part)

Gill Jesus

Andrew Kiel

Bill Kelly

Sunday, November 21

Debra Conway

Robert Groden

Jim DiEugenio

Mike Chesser

I plan to be in the Attendee Facebook forum as much as possible over the three days, to answer questions on my presentations and work and to help/facilitate with general conference questions and inquiries. If you have not registered yet I encourage you to do so, it will be a learning experience and our speakers will be covering a broad range of research as well as updates on what is going on with document releases, legal challenges and the overall effort to pursue the real history of the Kennedy assassination.

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