If you have read or intend to read Tipping Point, one of the things you are going to come across is that it contains considerable detail on several areas which you may not be familiar with from other JFK assassination writing. One example, courtesy of David Boylan’s research, is an examination of the organizational structure of the CIA’s JMWAVE station in Miami and its 1963 staffing relationship/connections to Desmond Fitzgerald’s Special Affairs Staff. SAS was tasked with carrying on covert Kennedy Administration action against Cuba as the successor to Mongoose – ostensibly operating only under the oversight and direction of the new, higher level Cuban Coordinating Committee.

Other examples of “deep dives” include an exploration of the DRE (Cuban Student Directorate) and its activities in 1963 as well as the relatively little discussed Commando Mambises covert maritime operations against Cuba in 1963.

Readers familiar with my other books on the subject may deal with the complexity of names and cryptonyms by using the extensive end notes and citations in the book. However any serious reader, plus anyone who wants to use the book for further research of their own, will likely want to have reference to as through an index as possible.

We did have a basic index available for the book but admittedly it was limited. The good news is that – thanks to some very dedicated volunteer work and several months of slogging – we can now offer a greatly expanded Tipping Point Index. You will find it in the Tipping Point area on the Mary Ferrell Foundation and it is available for download. I hope you find it helpful and for those who may still wonder what is in Tipping Point, it might give you a much better view to that.

As a reminder, its only useful with the actual paginated, published book. And if you take a look and decide to use it I would certainly be interested in your feedback:


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