My fellow researcher and I are back with Doug Campbell for a very deep discussion of the anti-Castro activities of 1963, and how they connect to a very significant witness report coming out of Red Bird Airport just outside Dallas Texas in the days immediately before the assassination of President Kennedy.

Days before the attack someone slipped and revealed their knowledge of an imminent threat to the president. Who they were, why they were in Dallas and where that knowledge may well have originated are contained in the deep dive we always have during an interview with Doug. You can find it at the following link:

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  1. Brandon says:

    great work Larry! I’m sure this has been brought up before, but Robert Moore using Gordon Campbell’s identity after his death clears up a lot of stuff. He could be Bradley Ayer’s case officer, training Cuban exile infiltrators in the Everglades. He could be 1 of 9 men at JMWAVE with deep, operational knowledge of the Dallas hit. He could also be in the Ambassador Hotel during the RFK hit.

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    Moore is truly a fascinating character and if it were not for David Boylan’s research he would have remained invisible – as it is we know he was in a truly key position in the chain of command for the Bay of Pigs and would have had every reason to have felt as bitter about that as say Lynch or Robertson. His move from being Hawkins deputy in the military aspect of that operation in 1960 to deputy chief of station at WAVE in 63 put him in a position to see everything from Oswald being used in propaganda and CI to the activities of Commando Mambises (and its personnel).

    Unlike Morales he was found too late (seemingly) to dig up the detail on his attitudes and emotions as was done with Morales but you can bet he would have been one of the first at WAVE to hear the word about the back channel meetings with Castro.

    David B. has done an awesome job of showing us the seemingly unique position Moore was in, how we find out whether he might have been involved as an enabler or an accessory remains beyond me at the present. What we need is someone who would have known something about he or his friends….and provide the sort of insight that Ayers managed to get from Morales’s friend Reuben and his lawyer.

  3. John F. Davies says:

    Fascinating podcast. It fleshes out quite a lot about the events at Red Bird Airport, especially how Intelligence agencies use the surplus aircraft market to obtain equipment for covert ops.

    One detail that got my attention was the type of aircraft they were modifying. During the early days of the Cold War, the Douglas C-54 “Skymaster” was a particular favorite among Intel agencies for use in Black ops. The C-54 was one of the most important transport aircraft used by America during World War II. It’s combination of speed, reliability, and its large cargo capacity gave the Allies an airlift capability like none other.

    At war’s end, hundreds of surplus C-54s flooded the aircraft market, and their ubiquity, large size, and relatively low operating costs made them an ideal choice for covert agencies to use in special operations. Dozens of C-54s were used by the CIA during the ’50s and ’60s, with many of them having spurious tail numbers and false documentation.

    The use of C-54s began to wane during the 1970s, with their place being taken by Lockheed C-130s, which to my knowledge, are still used for covert ops today.

      • John F. Davies says:

        I’ve actually seen an AN-2 close up at the airport in Livermore, CA. They are the largest and heaviest single engine prop aircraft flying anywhere, quite rugged and easy to maintain. What I get from the article is that the Russians have run into so many unexpected delays and setbacks that they are forced to use a 75 year old biplane to assist them.

        An aircraft like this still has its uses, but they will likely be in specialized roles, such as decoys, and used at night for insertion and extraction, much like the British WWII Lysander. I also see a potential use for Medevac operations as well.

        During the Vietnam War a pair of AN-2s were used in combat by the North Vietnamese Air Force to attack a clandestine American radar site in Laos.
        Both of them were subsequently shot down or driven off by Air America UH-1 Helicopters.

  4. larryjoe2 says:

    Bringing the aircraft into play is likely a reflection that whatever battle plan was initially developed has worked so poorly that the military command is virtually bringing all the assets they can muster into the mix, with a new strategy coming into play more by default than by planning. The Russian force is overwhelming in the short term but as in Afghanistan its important to remember that taking control and putting in a puppet government in place is not necessarily a long run solution. It all sounds tragically familiar.

    • John F. Davies says:

      Indeed it does.
      And much of it has to do with the fact that the bulk of the Russian Forces doing the fighting in the Ukraine are made up of young, inexperienced conscripts. And due to their lack of experience, casualties are becoming quite severe. So severe that they are probably using the AN-2s as CASVAC assets. Something I heard that they were quite good at in Afghanistan.

  5. Jim Stubbs says:

    Hi Larry. This is off the Redbird subject but I didn’t know where to post it. In re Garrett Underhill and his concern immediately post assassination about a clique in the CIA that had some link to the Far East, I noted that Carl Jenkins, in the 1950’s, up to 1960 I think, had been involved as an adviser to the Thai Border Police, as well as Nationalist Chinese special forces. He also operated throughout the rest of SE Asia. Henry Hecksher had been in Laos after the 1954 Guatemala operation. He then went to Thailand where he operated in the trans-border area. That’s the Golden Triangle. They’d have been in the middle of a major heroin production and trafficking area. One wonders if any of it rubbed off on them. Maybe it’s them that Underhill caught wind of.

  6. larryjoe2 says:

    That’s a very good observation and its unfortunate that there was not a third edition of Someone Would Have Talked were I could revisit idea in regard to what Underhill may well have heard. I did bring up some related possibilities in subsequent writing, in Shadow Warfare in particular.

    I think the main point is that in the fall of 1963 Underhill was devoting a great deal of his time to tracking international weapons sales and at the time the hottest thing going in that regard was all the purchases being negotiated in Europe for deniable weapons for the emerging AMWORLD project – which Hecksher headed and which Jenkins had actually just been brought back from Vietnam to support as second in command of the CIA effort.

    Both of their roles were largely in providing financial, purchasing and logistics support for Artime and AMWoRLD, and that included both actual ships and much smaller boats right down very high-speed raider type craft and much slower and shallow draft craft. Later one of their primary offshore bases would later prove to have had a history of smuggling, resulting in its exposure in the press and a good deal of negative publicity for Artime’s group.

    If Underwood had cut the trail of the new AMWORLD effort (which was being conducted with exceptional distancing and deniability), he could very well have thought that SE Asia veterans were setting up something illegal – especially given Hecksher’s particular history in the golden triangle. Its impossible to know what rumors Underwood heard, in fact we have no idea of certain covers were being used for the purchases that might have fed his suspicions. He may have himself being investigating the new way of purchasing, the offshore accounts – the cover accounts in Miami (with banks that were themselves arguably dirty with money laundering and other illegal activities, as I explore in Shadow Warfare).

    Certainly it would have been enough to make him fearful that he had been investigating something that might have been extremely dangerous, if those involved had been associated with the assassination.

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