For new viewers to the blog, and to my research, you might be curious as to why after some three decades of JFK research and the publication of multiple editions of Someone Would Have Talked and then NEXUS, I would have done yet another book on the subject last year. The answer to that is really in understanding how much more we have learned about certain persons of interest in only the last two to four years.

And obvious question is, how does that work, how do you learn something new about individuals after five decades have passed. The answer is basically that you dig further into documents that were released by the JFK Records act, and become able to understand their full meeting by applying what we have learned about exactly who was being discussed under what crypts and aliases. That information allows us to trace operational and social network connections in a way we never could have imagined previously.

Equally importantly, it provides some brand new insights into intelligence agency knowledge of Lee Oswald circa 1963 and in particular their ability to use him as a “useful idiot” in both counter intelligence and political action programs that were in play from New Orleans, to New York and on to Mexico City.

But more to the point here, if you are new to my blog and new to my JFK research, I recently did an interview that would get you up to speed and give you a better understanding of why Tipping Point. It would be old news for those who have been with me over the years but if you are new to the subject, I think you would find it of interest. You can find it at this link:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting presentation on all your recent findings. Ony criticism- Too many annoying ads on the podcast. I was hitting the mute button every five minutes practically.

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    I sometimes pause about posting interviews since I have no control over the production. I’d estimate that I probably only post a third of what I do in the way of shows and interviews.

    Recently I’ve been doing so many that between them along with the UFO/UAP research I’ve not really had time to write anything new so its about all I have to offer. The UFO work is producing a lot of material but its not in a form that can be shared widely yet – I was sort of hoping that some of the readers here might have attended the SCU conference, even if only virtually.

    If anyone did I would appreciate your feedback on the conference, or feedback specifically on our Intentions Study presentation.

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