Early announcement of this year’s JFK Lancer 2022 research conference –

The JFK Lancer 2022 Virtual Conference will be held online Friday, November 18th, Saturday, November 19th and Sunday, November 20th.

The format will be the same as the previous JFK Lancer virtual conferences – as will the prices. There will be student prices and students will have access to everything listed for the conference-only price. The conference only price is $64.99, the student price will be $34.99 and the full Conference and Digital Download fee is $119.99

The “Conference Only” price will give you access to the conference online, access to re-watch the presentations until the 30th of November, and access to the conference Facebook group.  For an additional fee, you will be able to do digital downloads of the entire conference.

We are still finalizing the full speaker list and schedule but a partial list includes:

Bill Simpich, David Boylan, Johnny Cairns, Mike Chesser, Jim DiEugenio, Larry Hancock,

Robert Groden and Gil Jesus. 

I will post the registration page link and additional information as it becomes available, however Gabriella Glen is serving as the administrator and web operator again this year and you may contact her directly at her email with questions:



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  1. aproto1 says:

    Is this the same conference that Project JFK is hosting on those same dates.  Will I be able to pay for a zoom in? Thanks

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    No this is very much a separate conference; some of the speakers may overlap (I have not looked at the other conference schedule in detail and our list is not complete yet). I do know that several of our speakers, including myself, Bill Simpich, David Boylan and others, won’t be presenting at the other November in person conferences.

    When you register you will be able to come into the streaming in real time and revisit things you may miss – plus their will be a live Facebook session available to ask questions of speakers and have a general discussion. But the presentations themselves are not live via Zoom, they are pre-recorded and then streamed.

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