The Mary Ferrell Foundation has just filed a lawsuit which not only presses for a full release of documents potentially related to the Kennedy assassination as well as to Lee Harvey Oswald. The action is broad, asking the Court to ensure full compliance with the JFK Records Act, not just in terms of documents, but in regard to all the issues the Act demands in regard to redactions, release and access.

Full details on the lawsuit itself as well as the related issues may be found here:

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  1. John F Davies says:

    Finally, this case gets its day in court, and not soon enough. How the Government will respond is an open question, but I suspect the Empire will use every delaying tactic in the book to prevent this case from going to trial. That said as an SF Bay Area resident myself, I have personal knowledge of Mr. Simpich and his record as an effective trial attorney. There’s also a personal connection as I happened to be an acquaintance of Judi Bari and supported her and partner Daryl Cherney in their two decades long wrongful conviction case against the FBI. There are indeed a number of things that the Judi Bari bombing case has in common with the JFK murder, including the fact that the assailant’s identity is to this day still unknown,

  2. larryjoe2 says:

    A number of lawyers along with our MFF Records expert Rex Bradford worked on the complaint and we have high hopes for it given that the language in the JFK Records Act is exceptionally specific in imposing a variety of requirements on the release and reporting on documents, as well as to an exceptionally stringent criteria relating to redaction and withholding.

    Up to this point nobody has really pressed compliance with the full scope of the legislation and that is the goal of the complaint so this action is really something quite new.

  3. Michael H says:

    Good news. How about the RFK investigation being reopened? I need help with very real, new info regarding this case. I have the name and location of someone involved, who was in the pantry that night. (Yes, I’m 100% serious.) This person is still in CA but I’m in CT. They don’t want to talk but I’d like to find a way to make them talk. I need someone with investigative experience. Contact me please.

  4. larryjoe2 says:

    I will email you as soon as I have a chance; in the meantime think about whether we would absolutely need someone in California, in LA etc.

  5. larryjoe2 says:

    I did send an email and have one interested candidate extremely familiar with RFK and the pantry.

  6. John F Davies says:

    It’s reasonable to conclude that any genuinely incriminating documents were probably destroyed a long time ago, however, there may be enough information still there to demolish the official story. While we won’t find out who did it, we are more likely to find out who did NOT do it. I think the issue the Intelligence establishment is most concerned about is the likely evidence that many in the CIA, (And possibly also the FBI), had foreknowledge of an active plot against President Kennedy’s life and did nothing. That in and of itself is an indictable crime. Criminal negligence at the least, and high treason at the worst.

    To sum up, I doubt there will ever be a “smoking gun document” found, however, there is a good possibility that we may instead get a faint whiff of cordite.

  7. larryjoe2 says:

    Well we already have a number of instances in which the FBI, Secret Service etc were aware of threats against JFK – we have all three agencies doing special activities to forestall an attack in Miami and even then a dynamite bomb was found along a route the President traveled.

    As to foreknowledge of an attack in Dallas, I honestly doubt that but I do think we could find out more about the known, active threats.

    From a pure JFK perspective, and not the historical record foundation of the lawsuit, several of us think what could be unearthed is evidence of CIA operational activities going on around Lee Oswald in 1963, likely without his knowledge. If that were true, and the CIA decided at a high level to cover up that activity they would have neutered any true conspiracy investigation. It would have also made it impossible for them to investigate themselves internally, or their surrogate anti-Castro Cubans.

    • John F Davies says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you in part, however, according to Larry Schnapf, many of the documents that the FBI is fighting to keep secret are those pertaining to the Mob, including transcripts of wiretaps. There are also to my knowledge a number of documents pertaining to the Garrisson investigation. But what intrigues me most are an as yet unknown number of NSA intercepts that to this day have not been disclosed. It is from these sources that any possible details of knowledge of plots against the life of the President Kennedy are most likely to be found.

      As for foreknowledge, I am aware that this is a contentious topic, but to clarify, I am not implying a grand conspiracy coup d ‘etat ala’ Oliver Stone, but rather the possibility that certain select Individuals from the National Security Establishment may have had a degree of knowledge about the existence of the plot and did just enough to protect themselves from being implicated or indicted.

      I do confess that what I am saying is speculative and the evidence is minimal, but my instincts do tell me that there may be some truth to this. The only way we’ll know for sure is to bring everything into the open, however, the Government’s continued intransigence only heightens the suspicion.

  8. larryjoe2 says:

    Some of the very interesting potential NSA intercepts would include intercept of the Castro back channel negotiations which were being carried out via State Dept and Lisa Howard using regular phone and teletype lines to was routine for those intercepts to go to CIA so it would be interesting to see if information on those calls was going to CIA, when and to whom. The State Dept folks later said they had no idea the lines were being routinely monitored.

    The NSA was also involved in monitoring phone and telephone calls from the Cuban embassy in Mexico City and the CIA routinely worked with them on that, Simpich has written about that at length and there certainly could be communications on Oswald’s reported visit to MC. We know that the CIA and NSA were all over diplomatic calls after the assassination but as far as I know there have been no releases of monitoring prior to November 22.

    And on your other point, I’ve written about the Kirknewton commercial traffic monitoring out of Scotland for overseas communications – its always possible rumors about threats to JFK might have shown up in those intercepts. Perhaps a longer shot but potentially really interesting; I had even surfaced the name of one Cuban anti-Castro person of interest who reportedly became involved with drugs, went to France etc.

    And last but not least, leads would not have to be from pre-assassination intercepts but very possibly from post assassination calls.

  9. John F Davies says:

    Final comment. Your point about post assassination calls are what make the most sense. The uncensored records of phone conversations are likely to reveal the best data, because this will be the most open and honest reporting of the event in its immediate aftermath.

  10. Michael H says:

    Just touching base. Any idea if your friend will be contacting me on the RFK thing? Thanks.

  11. larryjoe2 says:

    Michael, I sent you an email and never received a reply. I only pursue this sort of lead/research via email, not on my blog. Feel free to email me and we can continue the dialog. I would need to discuss a number of things with you before actually making the connection to my friend.

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