Its pretty clear I’ve been noticeably absent here for a number of weeks – so what’s going on? To some extent I’ve been involved with the Mary Ferrell Foundation Board which is involved in legal action against President Biden and the National Archives over the release of documents under the JFK Records Act. You can find the information on that at the MFF site:

But primarily I continue to be involved with ongoing research and writing on the subject of UFO/UAPs as well as supporting the the work of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies:

I’ve been involved with two major UAP research projects, one involving the study of the physical characteristics gained from very close observations of UAPs (our team reviewed something like 100,000 incident reports, and using some very rigorous criteria, ended up actually studying some 300 extremely credible observations). Our report on that is in peer review at present. Separately I’m involved with a team studying UAP intentions in the Military/Aerospace domain. In that study we focus on something like 2,000 reports officially submitted to military and law enforcement from 1945-1947. We have done three articles on the study and now have one major study in peer review with another to be submitted shortly. If you would like to see the articles they are available in the SCU Review:

Our third article will summarize our work to date and present a model for structured studies which might be used in a variety of topical domains including physiological and psychological studies.

Of course I also continue to do various shows, including a routine appearance with Chuck Ochilli where we discuss things such as political warfare and topical issues including Ukraine and China. And I continue to do background research on some very focused areas of the JFK assassination.

I also still have a long term project going which will provide a rather contrarian hypothesis regarding Lee Oswald’s activities during 1963, built around his own personal agendas – but including his use in CIA and DRE propaganda activities – and ending with a rather detailed speculation on the road to Dallas how he ended up as a patsy. But that is a long story, months down the road and still jelling in the work David Boylan and I are doing.

So that’s were I’ve been, for the next few months my focus will remain on the UAP work and I hope to be able to post bits of that here for those interested.


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  1. Alan... says:

    Hey Larry: I will read what you put forth with greaqt interest…as I have always done with your research output…Bless ya…good to hear from you. Perhaps a phone conversation at some point in the not-to-distant-future would be a good thing! Take care, my friend!

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