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  1. Bill Caplinger says:

    Hi Larry,

    I am Bill Caplinger, we met at NID 2011, you signed a copy of Nexus for me.

    I am the the big guy that sat at the table directly in front of the projector, Jim D. was seated second to my left.

    I am doing a presentation on new developments re JFK for UWF Leisure Learning Society and plan to cover at least a few minutes about the AF- tapes.

    I have downloaded several of the clips that I could find of portions of the Raab Collection tapes.

    One is labeled ” First Notice” and contains reading of an AP bulletin.
    Two is “Lemay Landing” (Lemay aide trying to reach Lemay)
    Three is “Figures Surface 1st Time” (very hard to make sense of)

    and I found another I have labeled “AP_Burkkley_Reed”, which is the same as “First Notice” but also has transmissions re MDW transport of JFK to Walter Reed.

    Do you know if anyone has done transcripts of these and/or another snippets of the new Clifton tapes in Raab Collection. I would like to have text to go along with the audio. in the presentation.

    Thanks for both of your books.

    Will be in touch,

    Bill Caplinger

  2. troy wiggins says:

    im reading nexus now and will contact you with any questions! when i read SWHT i talked with you the whole time and made that book great!
    troy wiggins

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