The conference continues to add new speakers, and in an hour interview with Chuck Ochelli, the conference administrator (Gabriella Glen) and I went into considerable detail on both the format and operation of this year’s virtual conference as well as the speakers.

In addition Chuck and I spent some time at the end discussing the nature of the Mary Ferrell Foundation law suit and its importance as essentially the action of last resort (beyond FOIA) to deal with the objections of various Federal agencies in providing both known and new JFK assassination materials for public access. The legal responsibilities of both the President and the National Archives are specifically called out in the JFK Records Act legislation and it appears that the force of law had become the only option for insuring real world compliance with that legislation.

That’s a much broader subject than Chuck and I remarked on though, and I anticipate that he will be calling on the principal lawyers involved in the law suit to provide a much more detailed explanation of the issues and the recourse requested this new legal action.

Those lawyers will both be giving an update as part of the upcoming (imminent) Lancer conference on November 18-20.

In addition, beyond new speakers like Bart Kamp and Malcolm Blunt, Rex Bradford will also be presenting on new activities at the Mary Ferrell Foundation including the exciting effort to restore and archive the full research content of the JFK Lancer web site. Given the decades of work which developed that content, its recovery will make a host of materials available that have simply gone missing for the last few years.

For those of you interested in more details on the conference, including registration information use the following links:


To purchase tickets:

…..the link is for the 2022 conference even though the text says 2021, still having hosting content issues.

To view the conference:

Conference Updates:
JFK Lancer Facebook Group:

For a detailed discussion of the conference tune into the second hour of the show itself for Gabriella and my dialog with Chuck.

I hope to see you online myself during the virtual conference as I will be active in the live conference Facebook page all three days for questions on my presentation, as well as assistance and commentary.


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